Return to Riding  - Why? I'm a great rider!

Don't feel that wanting to brush up on your riding skills is a weakness, it isn't! Professional drivers and riders have regular assessments to keep up their skills. So why not take advantage of the same rationale? Pass Bike offer a non confrontational approach to training where we asses your riding first and then help to hone your skills and experiences into a better rider!

So if your a rider who passed their CBT a year ago and haven't ridden since, someone who wants to get on a moped with their car entitlement or your returning to riding now that the family is a bit older, then consider spending an hour or two with us first after all for the same money as a CBT you could have twice the on road time!

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What we do:

At Pass Bike we offer a range of products both directly to the public, groups, clubs and local authorities. We are approved suppliers to RIDEto, Southend Borough Council, Pizza Hut UK, Pappa Johns Pizza, WK Bikes and Ford Motor Company Ltd. 

We are happy to accept Ford Motor Company EDAP credits.

Our Trainers and Our Bikes:

At Pass Bike we have a range of bikes in different capacities to suit every student, click on the course you are intrested in for more information.

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